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2024-02-12 23:25:45 UTC
Growing Penis Envy mushrooms is often difficult for beginners. While you can grow your own Penis Envy mushrooms by diligently following the instructions, the harder challenge is propagating your mushrooms to create more spores and strains for the next generation.

We’ll go into deeper detail throughout this article, so stick to the end and you’ll become a mushroom connoisseur.

What Is A Penis Envy Mushroom?

Penis Envy mushrooms stem from the Psilocybe cubensis shroom family. They're a strain of magic mushrooms.

It’s a unique variety that has gone through an interesting history, so much so that it would most likely no longer grow in the wild naturally.

The Penis Envy mushroom has been bred artificially through so many generations that they act like a spoiled child. They have less resistance to contamination, are more prone to dying in less-than-perfect conditions, and have lower pin rates than other mushrooms in the same family.

Where Do Penis Envy Mushrooms Come From?
How the Penis Envy variety came to be discovered is even more of a mystery. The most popular rumor seems to be surrounding the famed ethnobotanist and psychedelic advocate, Terence McKenna. Legend has it that an indigenous guide led him to an enormous mushroom patch on one of his mushroom hunting expeditions to the Amazon Rainforest. He collected spore samples of unique specimens from that patch and distributed them to mycologists back in the United States.

One of these mycologists was Steven Pollock, a doctor with a particular fascination for psychedelic mushrooms. Pollock went on to cultivate the spores and research the mushroom's properties. After years of propagation and genetic selection, he arrived at a variety that we now know as Penis Envy.

Here, like its beginning, the story again gets hazy. Pollock became involved in various legal and illegal ventures that would eventually lead to his murder. By this time, the DEA was monitoring him, and many mysterious circumstances surrounded his death. For one thing, his research and several rare specimens seemed to be missing from the scene of the crime.

It's unclear whether the Penis Envy variant that we know today was the same one that Pollock developed. Other sources point to mycologist Rich Gee as the man who cultivated the prized strain. Perhaps many other pioneering mycologists contributed to its development along the way.

Uncovering conclusive proof of Penis Envy's origin is unlikely ever to happen. While it's certainly possible that Terence McKenna stumbled upon a penis-shaped mushroom deep in the rainforest, he never confirmed such speculations. But it's certainly intriguing that one of the most potent psychedelic mushrooms comes from a story that's as mercurial as its psychedelic effects.

What Makes Them Different From Other Shroom Strains?

One obvious difference from Penis Envy mushrooms and other shroom strains is in their difficulty to cultivate. Penis Envy mushrooms require specialized care and environmental conditions to bloom. They take almost 30 percent longer to colonize around the substrate and have a lesser pin rate than that of other Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms.

Despite being such a high-maintenance shroom, Penis Envy mushrooms are considerably worth the hassle. These mushrooms have stronger highs, more powerful hallucinations and an intense euphoric side effect that make them so desirable in the psychedelic world.

Since these shrooms are so hard to cultivate and even harder to find, Penis Envy mushrooms are expensive. Reproducing them and creating another generation is often the biggest challenge—another difference from other shroom strains that consistently reproduce.